Welcome to the Schools’ Educational Trust

Our Purpose

The Schools’ Educational Trust (SET) is a registered charity established to improve the quality of education in Scotland by promoting reform, delivering new cost effective education models and providing leadership support and development to aid school improvement.

At SET we believe that schools should have complete responsibility and accountability, in order that head teachers have the freedom to innovate and improve performance whilst avoiding unnecessary levels of bureaucracy and political interference that currently burdens state-run schools.

We think that a combination of progressive, pioneering and proven solutions, are urgently required to improve the quality of education and create a world leading education system once again.

A new model for Scottish education

As an early action, SET intends to introduce another model into the Scottish education system – high-quality, low-cost independent schools. The benefit of this approach is that these schools can be established, at an early date, with limited government involvement. This model provides greater teacher autonomy, more flexible curricula, reduced bureaucracy and a stimulating environment for much needed innovation and diversity to flourish.

Schools Educational Trust : A new model for Scottish education

How our team helps

To assist with the establishment and running of the new independent schools and other schools which want to participate, a central management facility has been developed. The key purpose of this resource will be to liberate, support and protect teachers, allowing them to concentrate fully on motivating and upskilling young people to help them achieve their full potential. The strategic management support platform provides all the necessary core functions, such as employer responsibility, finance, procurement and IT, allowing teachers and heads to focus on what they do best – teach.